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The 2014 state time trial has concluded and the champions have been crowned. A 40km time trial is certainly the race of truth and bringing your fitness to a head on a specific day and time is no easy feat. The introduction of the power meter and the corresponding software in conjunction with modern training practices has made the process exponentially easier. The scope of this blog will be to touch of how historical data can be used within a periodized training context to work around variables masters athletes encounter.


As a reference point the fifth fastest time (54:02) in this years state time trial championships was run by a man in the 55-60 year old category. This man just so happens to be a two-time 50+ state champion. For a breakdown of last years winning file . The run in to this years event was anything but ideal.


  • A two week trip to Cambodia that ended on 2.22.14 with a loss of 25 CTL points and a slightly weaker FTP meant that from this point on every pedal stroke needed to count.


The historical data used to maximize this athletes time and fitness was invaluable. Knowing he performs best with a slightly negative TSB, coupled with hard data showing he can lay out some of his personal bests within the 70 CTL range, and ability to sustain multiple 800 TSS weeks meant that retaining his state title was very realistic. We closely monitored his efficiency factor within the 88-110% of FTP over the weeks to gauge trends synonymous with those of the year prior.


When it was all said and done he came to the line fit, motivated, and fresh. He certainly wasn't peaking and although it was a victory, its not a true reflection of what he is capable of doing. In 2013 he rode the 40km at 3.83 watt/kg, this year he was at 3.76 watt/kg. The power variance between the two years is 2% on the day of the event. Even though his power was a bit lower this year, we made every pedal stroke count in the run in to the event through a calculated approach that, at the end of the day, brought home the “W”.  If you are having difficulty bringing your fitness together for targeted events, not understanding the raw data or charts, call or email me

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