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Stephanie Nerette

Stephanie Nerette

I have been involved in cycling for the last 30 yrs. In the past I raced mountain bikes and my training consisted of a fair amount road cycling to have endurance. I stopped cycling for several years as life took many turns with personal professional development and family.  3 yrs ago, I renewed my love for cycling and was back on the road. I started aiming for different events / goals to achieve. Most recently I had set a goal for the Puerto Rico Determination Tour which consisted  of 300+ miles with heavy climbing on Puerto Rico tortuous roads over 3 days. The problem was I didn't have endless amounts of time to train like I did in years past. My time is precious and very limited as I not only run  a business but also a wife and mom to two young girls. 

Every part of my training had to count and be productive to achieve my goal. The goal was not only to complete the event but also to enjoy my time - meaning I wanted no muscle soreness, cramping, nausea or headaches. Remember Puerto Rico is an island that is hot, has rigid terrain and is mountainous. I needed help to achieve this goal. Luckily, I was referred to Patrick from Pinnacle Cycling. I told him my goals and we had to work around the obstacles of time and figuring out how we could monitor the metrics on my peloton, road and gravel bike. Remember, I already had a background in cycling and I was under the assumption that I needed lots of miles and lots of time on the bike. 

Patrick put me on a schedule and although at times I did question if my training was enough, I never strayed from his plan. No extra cycling days and abided by all the rest days. More importantly - most of the training was solo. We did make a compromise for at least one to two group rides per week for the love of socialization with cycling. 

I am here to tell you his plan really works. On the once a week group rides during my training, I would constantly get reaffirmation from the praise of how strong I was getting. In the beginning, I would never go up front to lead groups in fear I would be unable to get back in and get dropped.  Well that changed as now I was empowered with knowledge of what I could sustain through the power meter and heart rate from my training.

So in the end, I exceeded my expectations for the PR Determination Tour. I not only finished it and felt great but was able to hang with the A group the entire ride. Day 3 was especially nerve racking as when I showed up to the start less than a third of the group was present. Most riders had downgraded to group B. I stayed focused and it was reassuring to look at my metrics during the last day to say confidently - I got this! Not only did I have it but a good part of my riding was in Zone 2! Thanks to Patrick and his training - I far exceeded my riding capability. 

I Can't give enough praise to Patrick and his training program in helping  me not only achieve but exceed my goal. Thank you !

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